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No credit card needed
No bank details
Just a 4 minute phone call

After you have paid your 60p
phone call, you have access
to the WHOLE of the UK
directory for the month.

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Calls from mobile phones and call boxes are likely to cost more. You must be over 18 to use this service and have the bill-payer's permission to make the call.
Our usual rate is a three or four minute call at £1.03 / per minute - but as a special promotion to encourage new members to try us - and to
thank current members from staying with us - we have slashed prices by using a cheapo 15.32p number. We will make it VERY clear when the number
changes back to our usual rate - in the meantime, enjoy some discounted naughtyness with us.

As the call lasts UNDER four minutes, even though the call cost is slightly over 15p a minute, the total call costwill still cost you under 60p when called
from a regular BT or Virgin Media fixed line (or other service charging the usual BT rate). Other carriers (especially mobiles) may well charge more.

Service provided by Advanced System Solutions Limited

advss@mail.com         Helpline: 01933 380001

Sorry about the silly fractions of pennies extra on the 15p line and the extra 3p, but this is the true VAT increase with nothing else added on. Sadly we cannot "absorb" the cost because it is not upto us - BT and most others are now charging you the extra 2.5% so we have to warn you. Frankly as the call still lasts under 4 minutes, it should still cost you under 60p if called from a regualr BT line especially if you hang up once ou have been given the username and password the first time in stead of waiting for it to be repeated.

Legitimate massage parlours operate in almost all towns of the UK, we do
not support any parlour which uses forced labour and/or prostitution. We aim
to provide a directory only for private ladies (and legal agencies) which
provide a no-strings  massage service.
(And other lawful services - for example companionship and dinner companions)

We do not promote or condone any illegal service.

Royal wedding blow job photograph is belived to be genuine but no claim is made that
our 2nd in line to the throne is in fact getting a BJ from kate

Sure LOOKS that way though.